What Do Roofing Eaves Actually Do?

Roof eaves perform a variety of important tasks, such as stopping and diverting rainwater away from a home’s exterior walls and foundation. Here are some things to consider:

What Are Eaves?

The outer edges of a roof are known as “the eaves.” Eaves extend past the facade of a home. These extensions, which also support gutter systems, protect against water and mold damage by preventing water from getting to the top of, and running down an exterior wall, while gutters catch and channel away water. Eaves can be styled differently and accordingly may be used to define the architecture of a structure while sourcing critical protection.

Are Soffits and Eaves the Same?

Soffits and eaves are sometimes confused. The edges of a roof that extend over the side of a building or home are known as eaves and consist of wood capped with aluminum trim coil, or fascia, where gutters are hung from on an asphalt roof. When this wood, or fascia board, becomes rotted, gutters become misaligned and compromised. The underside of this overhang is covered with soffit, which is a perforated vinyl material that allows for the ventilation of an attic, ensuring the good condition of a roof.

Categories Of Eaves

There are four categories of eaves:

  • Soffited
  • Exposed
  • Boxed in
  • Abbreviated

Each design has its own aesthetic. Consult with your local roofer to see which style will best complement the appearance of your home.

A home becomes vulnerable to the elements when the eaves of its roof have any impairment like rotting or exposure of wood. Homeowners can see high costs in time if the eaves or gutters on their roof have any damage. At TopLine Home Improvement, we can either repair or rebuild the eaves on a home for a structurally sound roof that gives lasting, total home protection. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you find the best roofing options for your home.

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