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We provide premium, long-lasting roof replacement solutions at competitive prices. Using top-tier manufacturers like Owens Corning and GAF for our shingles and underlayment, our professionally certified and clean installations ensure a high-quality and cost-effective answer for any of your roof replacement needs.

Asphalt Shingled Roofing
Asphalt shingles are a common roofing option for pitched roofs. A pitched roof isn’t just shingle, it’s a complete system that should provide many years of worry-free protection for your home. With an asphalt shingled roof, a high-performance leak barrier covers all corners, valleys, and ridges while supporting an enhanced layer of decking protection. A ridge vent allows for proper ventilation of an attic area and ensures optimal energy efficiency. The asphalt shingles we use are fortified against winds as fast as 130 mph and have a UV inhibitor for long-term vibrancy.
Rubberized Flat Roofing
Rubberized flat roofing is a popular choice for flat or low-sloped roofs. It includes layers of rubber and reinforced material. We install this type of roof with an underlayment of ice and water shield and an additional adhesive barrier for fortified protection against leaks and wood rot. Personal maintenance and upkeep are simple and straightforward when with roof access via a roof hatch. A rubberized flat roof should be regularly cleaned of any accumulated dirt or debris and inspected for cracks or punctures. It has a smooth, strong, weather-resistant surface that can be silver coated to reflect heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking for a roof replacement or to have repairs done, you certainly might have some questions.

The signs of roof damage can be either obvious or less apparent. It’s critical to identify and address any roof damage as quickly as possible to best prevent any problems from spreading and becoming costlier to repair. Look out for:
  • Leaks causing water stains, mold, or mildew growth inside a home.
  • Curling, cracked, or missing shingles.
  • Bare shingles with excessive missing granules.
  • Damaged and or missing flashing.

The cost of a roof replacement project can vary widely. What’s essential to understand about a price quote for a roof replacement is what it includes and how many years such an investment will serve your home. These are some of the main factors that influence the price of a roof replacement:
  • The overall size of a particular home.
  • Quality of material such as underlayment and shingle.
  • Rotted plywood underneath underlayment.
  • Product and labor warranties.

Considering a roof replacement can be stressful as you may have concerns your home will become a construction site. Fortunately, when partnering with TopLine for your roof replacement, the process won’t be a long one. The timeline of a given project will vary based on the size of a home and the scope of work to be performed. However, we match the size of our crew to the size of the project and the majority of our roof replacements take one day. We always work continuously and meticulously from start to clean up.

Not all roof replacement projects have the same lifespan. In the greater New York area, the lifespan of a new roof will be determined by the level of workmanship during installation along with the grade of underlayment, shingle, or rolled rubber used. A professionally installed, total roof replacement with quality roofing products should serve a home well for multiple decades. Roof slope, exposure to more severe weather or salt, drainage, ventilation, and timely maintenance will also impact lifespan.

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A new roof is one of the most essential investments you can make in your home. Our high-quality roofing systems are more than simply shingle or rubber, serving as extended protection for your home against weather damage and leaks. We are factory-trained installers of both Owens Corning and GAF roofing materials, ensuring our professional roofing solutions provide revitalized strength and beauty against the tests of time. Our highly experienced roofing division guarantees a clean and safe installation as well as a finished product that secures your home’s good condition for a long time to come. We can remove all layers of an existing roof, install a layover, or simply repair any deficiencies depending on your roof's condition. Our industry-leading roofing warranties cover the entire roofing system along with labor for a quality roof replacement that gives lasting peace of mind.  

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