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Even windows of the best quality will underperform if not installed correctly. Improper installation can cause the loss of heat, cracked joints, as well as the infiltration of air and moisture which can cause damage to both the window and overall structure of a home. Given this, a window is only as good as the company that’s installing it. That’s why our professional window installers are factory trained and certified and are held to the highest standards throughout each project. From proper sizing and alignment to using the highest-quality materials when sealing, our quick and clean installation is detail oriented and done right the first time so your new windows will perform as advertised for decades to come.

double hung window
Double Hung Windows

The most common window style & gives a traditional look to any home. These windows have two separate vertically adjustable sashes so they can easily be moved up & down for ventilation. The sashes interlock for great energy efficiency & tilt in, allowing you to easily and safely clean the window from inside your home.

Casement Windows

Has an adjustable sash that’s hinged from one side & opens outwards. The sash is controlled by an easy to use, fold in crank handle & is versatile, opening to a full 90-degree angle or less for easier cleaning & more ventilation options. A lever lock on the side of the window ensures an airtight seal between the sash & frame for exceptional energy efficiency.

Awning Windows

Provides a sash that’s hinged from the top & cranks out from the bottom via an easy to use, fold in handle. It opens to a 45-degree angle, giving it an awning like profile & allowing for ventilation even when raining or snowing. Being a smaller size, awning windows are great for tight areas in a home where you want to obtain more sunlight & ventilation.

Bay or Bow Windows

Excellent options for any room you’re looking to add sunlight & space to. These windows project outwards with an insulated head & seat board that has a furniture grade birch finish. A bay window provides a deeper projection of either 30- or 45-degree angels & comprise a choice of double hung, casement or picture windows. Bow windows are arranged with casement or picture windows, have a shallower projection of 10- or 15-degree angles & give a stylish curved exterior for a more classical look.

Picture Windows

Offers a great choice for homeowners looking to make the most of their views & ensure optimal energy efficiency. These windows are typically larger and do not open, providing a window style without rails or mullions for large, unobstructed views. Picture windows are known for their efficiency & durability, having a fixed sash & being without moving components.

basement window
Hopper Windows

A popular style for basements or other tight areas of a home where you want to add sunlight & ventilation. The windows are hinged from the bottom and tilt in 45 degrees by way of an easy to use, locking handle that gives an air tight seal when closed. This style prevents dirt or other debris from entering a living area while brightening up a space with light & fresh air.

Horizontal Sliders

Consists of two or three separate horizontally adjustable sashes that can be moved right or left for ventilation. The sashes operate on a smooth glide track for effortless operation. Having a sleeker frame, sliding windows are great for securing unobstructed views and improving sunlight exposure. These windows are a befitting choice for areas of a home with little vertical space.

Custom Shaped Windows

These windows provide options for more dissimilar or different types of window openings in a home. Custom shaped windows are typically manufactured with either a stationary window sash, like a picture window, or a crank out sash, similar to either a casement or awning window. Such windows lend a home greater distinction while securing more sunlight and possible ventilation.

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Reasons You May Consider Window Replacement

Heating and Cooling Costs
Energy expenses are one primary reason a homeowner would change their windows. The quality of particular windows can degrade dramatically over many years, preventing indoor air temperature from being maintained as a result of temperature transfer & air leakage. This creates the need for more heating and cooling, increasing a home’s carbon footprint & energy costs.  
Difficult to Operate & Lock
A sign that a window has reached its total life span is when it has become difficult to open or lock. In time, any sort of impairment from warping, water damage, dust build-up, or otherwise can prevent a window’s components from functioning properly. Repairing a window is not always a lasting solution & typically the most cost-effective way to address the issue is by replacing the window.  
Excessive Drafts, Sunlight & Noise
Windows that allow the flow of outdoor air, UV rays & unpleasant levels of noise into a home greatly reduce indoor comfort. Weaker glass packages & faulty window compositions can regularly impact the living experience inside a home by occasioning cold or warm drafts, the fading of interior objects by UV rays & too much outside noise.

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