Different Types of Siding: the Pros and Cons

Every homeowner wants their home’s exteriors to be aesthetically pleasing, budget friendly, and requiring minimal maintenance. But what are the different types of siding, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? The experts at TopLine have compiled a small list of the pros and cons of the kinds of siding we offer.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is the lowest maintenance and the most popular choice for homeowners in the New York area. It requires a superficial wash every few years, if that, to wash away mud or cobwebs. With many types of grain patterns and finishes (like cedar, oak and smooth) to choose from, plus a variety of colors from demure to bright, it’s a popular choice for a reason. Plus, it’s easy to install, so installation is more affordable than other types of siding. However, vinyl siding can decrease the value of your home. Architecturally and aesthetically, vinyl siding flattens the overall facade of the house. If you have a historically significant home, installing vinyl siding can be devastatingly detrimental to the value of it.

Fiber Cement Siding

Considered the most durable siding, fiber cement siding doesn’t warp, crack, or rot, unlike wood siding. It can survive in extreme weather conditions like ice or harsh UV light. It’s sturdy, so wind has no effect on the integrity of the siding. Plus, critters like termites or woodpeckers show no interest in fiber cement siding. This siding also has the longest longevity of any other siding, averaging between 50 and 75+ years before maintenance and replacement. It’s more expensive than vinyl siding, as the installation process is much more tedious and involved, but not as much as stucco or brick. Fiber cement siding is not a one-man job, either – call or visit TopLine’s website for help installing your fiber cement siding.


The two siding options we offer are versatile, and can fit any need or price point. Get started with TopLine today!

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